It All Adds Up, The Podcast

This is the podcast that saves you all the money on all the things. Every episode focuses on a different everyday item that you can modify, upgrade, or use differently in ways that will save you money!



Lizzy studied mechanical engineering at West Virginia University before working as a professional engineer at GE, Energy for Opportunity, and Ameresco. At GE, she worked as a design and operations engineer, where she learned how to reduce wasted time, money, and materials within systems. Lizzy then moved to Sierra Leone Africa, where she managed the installation of a solar mini grid and a clean water production center. Upon returning to the US, Lizzy worked as a project engineer for Ameresco, where she designed strategies for homes to reduce their energy and water consumption typically by 30% through upgraded technology. Lizzy is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Sustainable Design and Construction at Stanford University, and her classes focus on minimizing energy, water, and food waste for consumers. To learn more about Lizzy check out her LinkedIn!

John graduated from West Virginia University with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and music technology. From 2018-2019, John worked with Bose designing and optimizing audio systems. John is the manager and member of two bands: Stray Tuesday and Mother of Earl. John composes and performs all music featured in It All Adds Up, and he mixes the audio for all episodes. To learn more about John check out his LinkedIn!


In 2018, Lizzy and John decided to experiment with technology upgrades at their parents’ house with the hopes of reducing their overall energy bills. Previously spending $1,491 on electricity and $893 on natural gas every year, the simple up-grades reduced these annual bills to $1,023 and $456, respectively. That’s a total savings of $905 per year that can now be used for anything else! Tune in to It All Adds Up to learn how you can achieve these savings and more!

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